promotional MARKETING

During my employment at the University of Indianapolis, I developed and selected images, colors, text styles, graphics, and layouts to effectively communicate the message of the University in their promotional advertisements, brochures, billboards, etc.

One of the designs I produced was a promotional brochure for the opening of the University’s Greyhound Village apartments. The intended purpose of the brochure was a simple handout to make students aware of the open apartment reservations.

UIndy BUILD Preview Day Promotional Flyer

One of my duties was collaborating with their marketing department that consisted of copywriters, photographers, and marketing specialists to effectively accomplish a strategic marketing plan. Another duty was meeting with the marketing director and clients to determine the objectives and requirements of a design project.

Below, I was tasked with the creation of a promotional billboard design for a University of Indianapolis radio station. I used imagery of UIndy students and vibes of classical and jazz music in the backdrop to quickly communicate to a passing driver what music that station broadcasted.