Lori McCullagh arrives at her local library and sees that all of the computers are taken. She sees a sign to reserve a computer and approaches.  
 She views an iPad on the table that asks her to swipe her library card in order to reserve a computer. Lori takes her library card out of her purse. As she swipes her card in the built-in card reader, she sees that the iPad is pulling up her information.
 The interface on the iPad presents her an option to reserve a computer for either 20 minutes or 180 minutes. Lori chooses the Express button for 20 minutes. She will have plenty of time to check her email and her social networks.
 After she selects her preference, a message confirms that her reservation is set and to await a text message on her phone.  
 Nine minutes later, she notices that she is receiving a text message on her TracFone. The text message is from the library and it tells her that she is assigned to computer number 23.
 Lori walks towards the area of computers and sits in front of the computer labeled number 23.
 The computer asks her to verify her login by swiping her library card in the card reader on the side of the monitor.
 The computer confirms her login information and tells her that she is logged in with 20 minutes remaining.
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