Reserving a Public Computer at The Indianapolis Public Library



There are a limited amount of public computers available to the public at the Glendale branch of the Indianapolis Public Library. When a computer is not available, an individual must wait around the library without receiving any notice of when one will become available for use.

A 52-year-old woman who uses her TracFone as her primary means of communication. She needs to use a public computer at her local library, the Glendale branch of the Indianapolis Public Library, to check her email and to stay up-to-date with her social networks.

She desires to be able to reserve a computer in advance, utilize her time at the library, and ultimately use a public computer.

How might I improve the experience of reserving a public computer at the Glendale Branch of the Indianapolis Public Library?

An iPad app that will enrich the experience of accessing a public computer that will help users achieve greater time efficiency. By allowing them to reserve both a computer and time slot ahead of time, it will remove the need of having to come into library and wait for a public computer to become available. This would dramatically improve the Glendale Branch of the Indianapolis Public Library’s customer satisfaction.

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